Arch & SCFamily History Research:

Has your research stopped at a brick wall? Advanced methods can break through most of these whether it is determining the parentage of your ancestor, why someone disappears from records or numerous other situations.

Research can be as basic as a report with birth, marriage and death dates, children, siblings, and parents. More advanced research can produce a full biographical sketch of your ancestor.

Many online family trees contain undocumented research and are recopied spreading incorrect information. I can help verify these for accuracy in your family tree.

All our ancestors moved around the country. While my experience is mainly in the southern states, I can coordinate with professional genealogists across the country when records are needed in other areas.

Lineage Research:

Membership in lineage organizations requires that each generation be proved to the qualifying ancestor. I can assist you in the research to join a lineage society.

Document Retrieval:

Locating and providing copies of documents you request. Deeds, probates, birth, death, and marriage certificates, etc.


Have you taken a DNA test and don’t understand the results? Are you looking for biological family? My education in these areas can help you understand and use the data or I can help you decide which kind of DNA test to take.

  • Formulate testing plan: who should test, which tests and companies
  • DNA test results: review and analyze for next steps
  • Full use of DNA results: triangulation, mapping chromosomes, used with traditional genealogical research
  • Guidance to other resources

If you need help reading an old document, I can transcribe it for you.

Research Plans:

If you are researching your family but have hit a brick wall, I can help with a research plan.