Forensic and Heir Research

What is Forensic Genealogy? 

Forensic Genealogy or Heir Search is the research of ancestors and descendants for use in legal fields. Southern Genealogist, llc can help clients fulfill fiduciary duties to provide notice to potential heirs.

Southern Genealogist, llc is owned by Lori Cook-Folger, CG, a professional genealogist who holds the Certified Genealogist® credential. She is one of only two Certified Genealogists in South Carolina. She has located next-of-kin and living family members of hundreds of unaccounted for military personnel. Her experience can help in locating unknown heirs, beneficiaries, and next-of-kin for probate, estate, and other legal matters.


Why Hire Southern Genealogist for Probate Research Services:

  • Thorough genealogical research allows you to give notice to the correct next of kin and heirs at law and provide an accurate account to the court.
  • Disinterested third party who has no stake in outcome.
  • Kinship evidence evaluation backed by industry education and peer-reviewed work.
  • Professional, fully documented, court-ready report/affidavit of due diligence and kinship charts.



SWORN AFFIDAVIT OF DUE DILIGENCE: Research findings for individuals and relationships are provided in an affidavit. The report will also summarize the diligent searches conducted that produced no living next-of-kin if no individuals are found to meet the relationship criteria defined.

SUPPORTING RECORD EXHIBITS: Exhibits are numbered, cross-referenced, and include source citations. Each is documentary evidence to support kinships. Original copies of certified records can be procured if requested.

FAMILY CHARTS: Clearly identifies the next-of-kin in an easy-to-follow diagram



Southern Genealogist, llc is fee-based. Professional standards do not allow contingent or percentage fee agreements as it may constitute a conflict of interest.